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This Week’s Reasons to be Beautiful: Leaked Frat E-mails Points to Inherent U.S. Rape Culture, Lupita Nyong’o and Beyonce Dominate Renown Covers, the Queering of Disney Films, and more

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The sexist voices of a popular U.S. fraternity were leaked through e-mail this week as one student anonymously sent students at American University over 70 pages of powerful sexism.  Read excerpts of the pages here.

Celebrity feminist concerns ran rampant this week as Lupita Nyong’o was the first woman of color to be on People’s cover of the top 10 “most beautiful” people of 2014. Lupita’s graced the cover just in time for Beyonce’s TIME’s “100 Great People” cover, showing just how important it is to realize success of women of color.

The Daily Dot’s article conveys how important Nyong’o’s cover really is:

As well, Hollywood still only accepts a limited idea of blackness: straight hair, light skin, voluptuous curves. There is only one way of being black. Nyong’o’s success then stands as a rarity that deserves attention. With her short natural hair and dark skin, Nyong’o has succeeded against the stereotypes, the limited levels of acceptability.

On Tuesday, Australian musician and hip-hop singer Iggy Azalea, creator of the provocative and my favorite, ‘Pu$$y,” revealed to New York City’s radio station Hot 97 that she no longer crowd surfs because fans try to finger her.  The singer admitted that both men and women try to assault her, in which she now wears layers of clothes to protect herself. Listen to the full interview below:


Although the procedure of genital mutilation in Egypt has been banned since 2008, rural areas still carry on the tradition.  For the first time ever, a doctor is on trial for the death of one of his patients from the procedure. Read the rest of the story here.



One critic claims that Disney movies, in his words, are “pro-gay.”

But the most remarkable thing about queer readings of the film may be how unremarkable they really are. Through both its corporate practices and the content of its films, Disney for decades has implemented the so-called “gay agenda”—which is to say, helping make the world a more accepting place.

Read the rest here.


Girls have dominated the engineering and technology based U.S. FIRST Competition. With names like Iron Plaid, Girls of Steel, SWAT and the Robettes. all-girl teams are found in competing the usually male-dominated arena. Read more here.

Want a post-doc in feminist biology?  Now you can! UW-Madison establishes the first feminist biology program. Read the rest here.


A Ph.D. student at Indiana State University in Bloomington, Indiana spearheads a program aimed at teaching men not to commit rape. Read here.


Project Unbreakable’s pictures of 27 Male Survivors of Sexual Assault is circling around the cybersphere. The photos can be found here.



Breathtaking sexism gave rise to new conspiracies about Hillary Clinton when her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, announced her pregnancy. Host David Gregor took it to question Clinton’s decision-making skills in lieu of the new election on the Easter 420 edition of Meet the Press.


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