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5 Up and Coming Women That Fight For the Representation of Untraditional Body Types

For years women have fought the ideals of the media and society that claim being thin is beautiful. Women are taught that if they want to be famous or acknowledged, they better start shedding some pounds. Though this ‘thin is best’ attitude is still around, the presence of plus size celebrities encourage women to push these standards aside and continue to chase after their dreams. Let’s meet the women that prove all women, regardless of their size, must fight for their goals.

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Written by Cierra Patterson

With a pen at her side, journalist Cierra Patterson is always ready to report on a story. As a resident of Bronx, NY, Cierra appreciates nothing more than experiencing and learning about various cultures and lifestyles.While currently working on her degree in magazine journalism, she hopes to take the world by storm in her pursuit to create her own magazine.

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