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A Letter to My Future Child: Why I Won’t Buy You That Doll Made for Girls

Dear Child,

I knew that this day might come. They day that you ask me to get you a company manufactured doll like all of the other young children have. With her fabulous dream house, her seemingly flawless figure and her never ending wardrobe, she seems like the perfect toy to have.

You have no idea how it worries me, to one day possibly hear you compare yourself to the unrealistic standards she sets for young children like you.

It is because of this that I have decided to not buy you that Barbie doll or any doll that will make you feel inferior, to feel like you need to make drastic personal changes to yourself to feel of worth in this society. Instead, my love, I will make you a doll. A doll you and every other child should ever dream of having in their collection of toys. A doll that you will one day pass on to your own child (if you decide to have any) when you get older, in the hopes that you learn to love yourself and value who you are inside. It is with my sincere hope that you treasure this doll the way I wish you to treasure yourself.

The doll that I have crafted for you will be sex-less and gender-less. It will take on whatever gender you decide – or no gender, for that matter. I will provide the doll with removable parts so you can make it look as feminine, masculine, or androgynous as you like. A person is not defined by what body parts they were born with. Identity comes from acceptance of oneself. With that said, you must remember to respect how someone identifies themselves. It is important that you respect and appreciate any gender and understand that there is more than just male and female. Regardless of how you identify yourself, my darling, know that you will always be accepted and loved just the same.

Along with it being multisex, I have also made your doll with a realistic height and weight ratio. You will not have to feel pressured about your body type. As you age, your body will change due to puberty, but don’t worry because as you change, so can your doll. I have made its insides with sand that you can add or remove from any area you wish; letting them be any weight that you wish. Embrace the beauty that is your body.

I know that most stores don’t sell dolls with your skin tone. But rest assured that the doll I have crafted for you will share your coloring. No longer will you feel left out or ashamed of the skin that you have just because ignorant people tell you to be. That said, I want you to learn to love others for who they are and not for the skin they were born into. Look deeper into how someone thinks and how they present their character. Always remember that race should never matter when it comes to how you treat someone.

Your doll will also come with a range of clothes, hair color options and body and facial features. If you want your doll to have braces, glasses, freckles, pimples, make-up, stretch marks, hair anywhere besides their head, or tattoos: Go for it! Express yourself however you like. The possibilities are endless. Even if you don’t want to use these options right away, these options will always be there in case you so decided to change your mind. These features are to help the doll feel more relatable or experimental to yoI am sure that you will love this doll, but I also want you to love yourself. I hope you understand that this doll is here to teach you to love all parts of you and your imagination. Enjoy your doll and always remember that beauty is not defined by the media, the toy companies, or any other outside influence.

With Love,

Your adoring parent.

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Written by Cierra Patterson

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