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Issue II: “Me” – Cyberrriot, The Feminist Digital Literary Zine


Dear Fembotters,

99 percent of us — I’m sure — have been criticised simply for being ourselves; maybe even 100 percent of us. As burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese once said, “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” Believe me when I say that you don’t have to stop being you just to please others. Regardless of how many times someone has told you to stop being ‘weird,’ to lose or gain weight to meet their desires, to tone down those feminist speeches, or to just meet their standards instead of your own, just keep in mind that it’s up to you how you define yourself, not them.

It’s so easy to tell someone to ignore these people, these bullies, but when has ignoring a problem ever really led to its end?

I’m not saying you should directly engage your bully (it can be dangerous!) but what I am saying is that as a society and a feminist community, we should band together and show those bullies that they can’t get away with what they’re doing, and show them that no matter what they tell us, we are still strong intelligent people, and that they cannot bring us down. This is why it’s important to celebrate oneself, to celebrate who you are and what you’ve done. Self-celebration is one of the best weapons against oppression.

So to all the bullies, the stubborn disorders that act like stubborn people, and abusers out there, this issue is partially for you: every ‘me’ in this issue is sick of your actions, but more importantly this issue is for every ‘me’ out there. This issue celebrates you and your accomplishments, your trials and downfalls, your personality and your body, your experiences and your dreams, your mind and your heart, your interests and your creations. Let’s celebrate your past, present, and future selves.

“I’m me,” is such an important phrase to keep in mind and say aloud. It can answer so many different life questions and assure yourself of where you’re going and where you came from.

So read on for some beautiful prose, photography, and poetry on every ‘me’ topic; on the importance of body positivity, on recovering from abuse, on future dreams and goals, and confidence.

These pieces mean a lot to each author, and I’m sure you’ll also be able to relate. So if you have a comment on any of the pieces, or if you have an anecdote to share on your own ‘me’ topic, then feel free to tweet us @Fembotmag, or drop us an email at

And just a heads up: at the end of the zine is more info on how to submit your work to our summer issue!

Cyberrriot on!

Stephanie Watson
Co-EIC of Fembot

Spring 2015
Curation and Edits by Stephanie Watson
Social Media, Graphic Design, and Edits by Alissa Medina

Read the entire zine here. 

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Written by Alissa Medina

Alissa Medina's love of online publications led to her spearhead Fembot. A decade ago, Fembot was something she created as a teen (then called Reasons to be Beautiful after the grunge band Hole.) Now, with three degrees under her belt from UC Riverside and NYU, Alissa plans to expand her academic feminism to publication writing.

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