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New App Helps Transgender Patients Find Inclusive Doctors

People approaching, in, or post transition have unique and heightened needs for medical care that, unfortunately, some doctors still don’t know how to deal with. According to Good, while only 50% of trans people report their status to their doctors, 19% of those are denied care. Access to hormone treatment, mental health support, and suicide prevention are only some of the specific services the community has a heightened need for. It is reported that 41% of transgender individuals will attempt suicide. Gender dysorphia, a term specific to the distressing experiences associated with living a trans life, also continues to be under supported in the medical community.

Now just in its start-up phase, MyTransHealth is a direct response to the gaps in the health system that do not address these issues.

With a focus on inclusivity and reliability, the app will start as, and always be, free. Their motive is to address the four core areas of health issues: legal, physical, mental and crisis management. The platform will also be filtered by geographical area and specialization in order to provide the most convenient solution for everyone. Physicians included will be screened, and will be open to reviews by the online community.

Robyn, one of the founding members and designer for MyTransHealth, shared her story in this video:

Social good and impact apps are starting to take off in the tech world, as a whole. RAD Remedy is another online platform in the beta phase that wishes to connect trans and queer individuals to reliable healthcare. Google created the app One Today as a simple way to give $1 a day to initiatives and organizations you believe in.

Health care is a basic human right. As transgender individuals gain visibility, it is important to address and support resources that will continue this movement.

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Written by Sarah Foot

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