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The devastating truth behind hit movies and lines spoken by people of color

The debate over the lack of representation of people of color in film has been a heated one, if that, an almost back-and forth of people who either recognize this or refuse to believe it. But what if you had actual evidence that some of today’s biggest blockbusters only give people of color a mere few minutes of actual screen time? Well thanks to Venezuelan-American actor and director Dylan Morris, now we do.

Morris’ YouTube channel “Every Single Word Spoken by a Person of Color in” spotlights a different hit movie and it’s lack of racial representation by editing the movie into only scenes where a person of color has a line. The results are mind blowing: Movies such as “Black Swan,” which only has a sad 25 seconds of someone of color speaking, and the “Wedding Crashers”, a tisk tisk 39 seconds, are in fact predominately white casted. David Afronsky’s “Noah,” starring Russell Crow and Emma Watson has zero lines spoken by people of color. Absolutely none.

Morris, who spoke to the Daily Dot, expressed how frustrating it is to be an actor and director of an ethnic background, and how exposing Hollywood’s lack of ethnic representation reflects his career as a Venezuelan American looking for work in an industry that grants most roles to people who are not of color.

Morris told the Daily Dot the following:

“In the series I’m really just exposing this issue. I’m not really adding commentary to it. I think that’s what’s so interesting. You get YouTube commenters who just vehemently disagree with you, and the way that I’m editing these videos is… there’s no embellishment and there’s no comment. And to see the anger this incites is interesting.”

 “People take such offense to being called racists, and they get so defensive. The interesting thing is, I don’t intend to call any one person racist. We have such a difficult time as a society, on a global conversation level, of talking about a system of racism. We’re so intent upon blaming individual people and pinning racism to one person, when it’s a systemic problem. This isn’t a fault of these individual directors, but the whole structure they are part of.”

 Morris’ channel has so far 14 videos, including Disney’s “Maleficent” and books-turned-movies like “Fault of our Stars”. Check Morris’ YouTube channel here, and find out exactly many lines in Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” are delivered by people of color. We assure you, it isn’t long.

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Written by Natalie Rivera

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