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Crystal Castles’ former frontwoman Alice Glass releases new song about abusive relationship

My favorite purse was ripped from the handle. My new shoes were ruined. My scalp was still pulsing with pain, tired from all of the hair pulling, and my face was beat red from the scarcity of air in the packed concert pit.

It was one of the most intense shows I had ever been to, and truthfully the only one where I genuinely feared for my safety. Fans limped out of there with bloody faces and torn clothes, and yet we all would jump to the chance of doing it again. It was a Crystal Castles show and the aggression and freedom that was felt by everyone there was made possible by a petite 90 pound 20 something woman who could easily be mistaken for a Middle Schooler.

Lead singer Alice Glass was the new face of women in music who unapologetically throw themselves to a crowd of screaming fans–crowds of thousands of people pushing to get closer to her as she would walk on the audience, yelling into a microphone almost as big as her face. Her hair and clothes pulled by admirers trying to take home a piece of Glass’ fearlessness.

She is arguably one of the ballsiest of performers, and it is well known for her history of broken bones and bruises earned from her 10 years fronting the experimental electronic band Crystal Castles. She also, apparently, was struggling with a physically and emotionally abusive relationship she’d been confined in for years, and is only recently opening up about.

The 26-year-old released her first solo single “Stillbirth” earlier today along witha lengthy and honest Facebook post detailing a past abusive relationship she left some years back.

According to Glass, her relationship was tarnished with a range of physical and emotional abuse, manipulation and threats, and she was “systematically cut off from anyone and everyone that I could truly be close to.”


Glass went on to say that this news may be surprising for anyone who’s ever followed her career because she is “someone who publicly gave the impression of being fearless and seemed as though they didn’t take shit from anyone.” She’s right- as a fan this came as a huge surprise to me, and I’m sure to many of her other hundreds of thousands of loyal fans, and though this revelation is devastating, I think I’m speaking for fans everywhere when I say that this just makes Glass seem even more fearless.

Opening up about past abuse, whether physical or emotional, is never easy, especially for someone who you’d never imagine would go through something of that nature, but it just goes to show you that almost everyone has struggled with something similar, and for anyone who is still struggling, that they are not alone.

Her newest track, since leaving Crystal Castles, “Stillbirth” will officially be released on iTunes and streaming services like Spotify July 18. All proceeds of the digitally purchased track will go to organizations like RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) that help victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence and incest.

You can donate directly here and read Glass’ post in its entirety on her Facebook page.

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Written by Natalie Rivera

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