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Build Your Own Domestic Violence Case With Chayn

With the amount of victim blaming that occurs in our everyday society, it is no wonder that many individuals who experience domestic violence hesitate to prosecute or come forward.

For many, seeking legal aid is difficult in terms of finances and/or their emotional state. Many of these victims are not taken seriously, often being told that they should’ve “just left” their abuser, and “just” called the police, among other things. However, Chayn is an organization that encourages women across the globe to gather information that would be beneficial to their legal case, should they choose to pursue it, or even just to keep for personal records if ever needed.

Chayn currently has over 15 domestic violence cases, and 4 domestic violence escapes. They currently have campaigns in Pakistan and India.

The organization also provides a guide to building the case. One of the most important aspects of building this case, however, involves focusing on your safety. When gathering evidence of abuse, what is most important is your safety and well-being. The guide should only be read when you are in a safe environment, where the abuser does not have access to it and could potentially harm you. The organization even provides fake book covers for a printed version of the guide, as well as quick escape buttons in case interrupted when reading the digital guide.

Another vital part of Chayn’s organization is the message they send us. Chayn reminds the reader that they do not deserve the abuse being inflicted upon them. The only thing anyone deserves is respect — committing to their motto “empower[ing] women to be happy and independent.”

I encourage any readers reading this article who are experiencing abuse to take a moment and contemplate. Remember that you are an incredible human being an do not deserve to be treated lesser than. You are full of so many good and positive things. Try to consider looking further into this guide if you are experiencing abuse and if you are comfortable, to reach out for the help you deserve. No one deserves abuse or to live in constant fear.

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