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ICYMI: Our Feminist News Roundup – Online harassment, racism in journalism and yoga bods

ICYMI is Fembot’s weekly news roundup, providing you last week’s feminist and social justice news. Check out what you may have missed every Monday.

  • Yoga bodies can be any kind of body-Check out these photos that beautifully represent the love of practice and the self.
  • Hey SUP girl is taking on online harassment by dudebros in the city. Check their Tumblr for a healthy dose of hilarity and scary reality.

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Written by Sarah Foot

Sarah Foot is a native Vancouverite who, conveniently, loves the smell of rain. A recent graduate from Simon Fraser University, she is passionate about the topics of feminism, agency and sexuality. When she isn’t writing up a sweet-smelling storm, you can catch Sarah dancing, petting dogs or on her blog Ink and Jam. You can also follow her day-to-day ponderings on twitter @sarahfoot.

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