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Watch Mahogany L. Browne lay down the spoken word in “Hella Black”

You don’t quite think about the power of words until you hear them strung together in a way that feels like a punch to the gut. Mahogany L. Browne’s Hella Black does just that, and there are no complaints. It leaves you gasping for air and grabbing for words in the best possible way.

Button Poetry is no secret to the online art world, known for sharing spoken word with various themes. However, mahogany’s piece stands out. It is a poignant intersection of critique and description of what it means to be black in America right now.

The focus on independence, resilience and fostering community is shown through beautifully crafted statements on things like motherhood and feminism. Mahogany exemplifies that identities are more than mainstreaming. Identities, in fact, are not main-stream. We are unique combinations that cannot be fixed with one privileged social justice movement.

Spoken word is a notoriously under-appreciated form of poetry. Like most art forms, though, it is a very effective tool for social critique and commentary. If you want to watch more videos from Button Poetry then you can check out website, or head straight to their Youtube channel.

Mahogany L. Browne is a young poet who is also passionate about activism. She just released a book entitled Red Bone, which is chock full of creative talent, never mind insightful social critique.

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