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VIDEO: Another Reason We Love Joseph Gordon-Levitt

There aren’t a lot of celebrities out there that makes us squeal “YESSSS” as fan-girlish as Joseph Gordon-Levitt does. Creative, driven and intensely individualistic, JGL (as I, his imagined close personal friend) is a self-identifying male star who does it all right.

His show Hit Record empowers and highlights artists from around the world, creating collaborative art on varying themes including trash, moms and the future. In his personal life, he is also a strong feminist. Unafraid of the most basic fear – the terminology – he has even created videos on the importance of self-identification with the movement. Understanding that gender isn’t a binary and complicated also has us screaming because, like, intersectional win!

Now, Levitt has done it yet again. Competing on Lip Sync Battle, he has fearlessly (and flawlessly) pulled off full Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation makeup and dance moves. Who wouldn’t want to praise the Queen of Pop, amiright? But, JGL’s dedication is admirable beyond talent and some killer lipstick. Femininity is something we have historically feared as a culture. CIS men who dress as women usually do so mockingly, typically with ‘comically’ enlarged boobs and/or butts. What makes Joseph different – and praiseworthy – is his seemingly loving approach to the lip sync. Embracing the ponytail and everything, he’s unafraid of women and gender-binary-breaking aesthetics. Dedicated to paying homage to a talented female artist without sexualization, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has us feeling all the feminist feels. And, hey, he slays that footwork.

Check out the full performance below.


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