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Cyberrriot Winter 2016: A Letter From our Creative Associate Editor

Hi Fembotters,

I want to start by saying thank you, as this is the first issue of Cyberrriot that I have been involved in from the inside and it’s been such a pleasure to collate all of this incredible work and talent together.

For me, ‘memory’ isn’t only about remembering, it’s about forgetting. It’s about memories that you can’t quite grasp, when you don’t know whether your thoughts are fact or fiction. Memory is Déjà vu, and dreams that feel like reality. It’s forgetting what you’re saying mid-sentence, grasping for a name, or a place. It’s about what happens to those things when you do forget.

Set aside some time to really indulge in the wonderfully full, passionate art and writing that our contributors have given to this issue. Take a couple minutes out of the rush of the new year and all the new beginnings, and try to remember the things you’ve forgotten.

You can find the full zine right here, and be sure to check out our Tumblr for the full version of Alexander’s piece. And remember to check the bottom of the zine for details of our next theme and deadline!

Riot on!
Creative Associate Editor of Cyberrriot

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