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5 Infographics to make you think about gender equality

Let’s face it, sometimes after a long week at work or school we’re pretty tired of reading walls of text, even if the subject we’re reading about is one we’re passionate about. Sometimes we just need a flashy image to tell us what we want to know, so for your tired eyes at the start of this hard working week, we bring you some infographics that will really make you think:

1. Forced Child Marriage in India

2. Female Consumption

3. Breaking The Glass Ceiling

4. Education is Prevention

5. Lower Earnings for Women

Just as the graphics suggest, women all over the world are still at a hefty disadvantage in terms of health, work, and safety. FGM, forced marriage, the pay gap, and countless other issues are badly needing our attension. And this is only the tip of the iceberg! Women in politics, young girls in human trafficking circles, rape victims, murder victims, the treatment of disabled women, the treatment of mentally ill women,  the rejection of women of color in the media, the treatment of women of color by the police, victims of homphobia and transhobia, there are so many areas of life that are so tough for women to go through.

The ironic thing is, we don’t even need these infographics to tell us this; because every woman in the world suffers from the misogyny that plagues this planet. Whether it’s a sexist remark said as you walk down the street, or whether it’s the court case you are subjected to as you try to liberate yourself from an abusive marriage, the severity is a huge spectrum, and something we all face.

So take a look at these numbers and think to yourself; what can I do to change this?

The answer, or at least one of the answers, is pretty simple: talk about the issues, spread the awareness, discuss them with your fellow feminists and your sceptical acquaintances. The easiest way to change the world, is to talk.

So #LetsTalkAboutInequality


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Written by Stephanie Watson

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