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Watch The Resurrecting Queenz Discuss Race, Gender & Violence in “Self Destruction”

As part of Black History Month

When women come together for a cause, beautiful things can happen.

A group of up-and-coming female rappers from the DMV have proven this yet again. Collaborating on a remake of Self Destruction, originally by The Stop The Violence Movement, the Resurrecting Queenz throw down on inter/innerracial and gender violence. In just over 6 minutes, domestic abuse, Black Lives Matter and other forms of violence are discussed from self-identifying women of different races and backgrounds. Each with a distinct story, and each given a platform to express it. Self Destruction is a true example of intersectionality.

The crew of 24 women are using their version of the jam to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the movement, with new lyrics that are very relevant to the issues of aggression and inequalities we see today.

They got a problem with you/They got a problem with me/They say Black Lives Matter/Well I just don’t see

This group of women hail from the Greater DC area, but aren’t just talking local. As you listen, pay attention to the names and numbers scrolling across the bottom of the screen. The group has taken time to commemorate victims to the senseless violence across the US.

Check out the Resurrecting Queenz Self Destruction below, and you can find the original here.

Want to learn more about this group? We got to interview one member, Mana, on her feminist venture Lipstick Revolt.


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