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Watch Ayelle Dismantle the Male Gaze in “Machine”

Have you been searching for a dark songstress that croons about dismantling the patriarchy? Because, we’ve found your new favorite artist.

Ayelle just dropped the video for Machine on her upcoming EP by the same name. The London-based singer linked up with the team at Tradiio to bring us a hard-hitting music video for the song that pairs perfectly with the feministy vibes of Ayelle.

Machine is a brooding tune that questions what it is to be a female objectified by the male gaze. The lyrics delve into the questions most female-identifying people think. Singing, “hate that I become just what they wanted me to be / machine,” Ayelle deconstructs the social expectations women face daily.

The video shows a woman dancing, watched closely by a man in a dark forest. Ayelle explains this as, “Machine is about women’s role as sex objects within the patriarchy and our institutionalized servitude to the male gaze. I wrote it while questioning internalized behaviours that I’d noticed in myself that weren’t necessarily representative of what I wanted, but of other peoples desires and expectations”.

The lyrics are honest about the internalizations we all have and work to unlearn. “Don’t I like a bit of light joking / want to do it all for you,” nods towards the microaggressions in sexist or racist jokes we often brush off to smooth over social interactions. For young feminists, the process of unlearning and identifying structural inequalities is often rough – this song captures that awkward learning and realization.

Ayelle pairs her raw lyrics and deep beats with moving imagery which makes Machine aesthetically and personally pleasing. Does it get better than hip-swaying music your heart can also agree with?

Ayelle’s Machine EP will be released April 15, 2016 and you can watch the video below.

Her EP Launch is happening on April the 14th at Miranda, Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, be sure to check out the official event page for more info.

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