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Hezen’s cover of ‘Cause I’m a Man makes us totally rethink Tame Impala’s lyrics

Ever had a song you loved listening to but were a little ashamed of its message? Hezen has shown us how to flip patriarchal lyrics on their head with her cover of Tame Impala’s ‘Cause I’m a Man.

You can probably assume the general theme of the (quite addicting) jam by it’s name alone. In it, Tame Impala investigates his seeming let-down to his “woman,” simply by stating his fuck-ups are because he is a man. The chorus explains, “Cause I’m a man, woman. That’s the only answer I’ve got for you. Cause I’m a man, woman. Not often proud of what I choose.

Male negligence is a common narrative we hear time and time again, but it can actually be pretty destructive. It’s a reassertion that gender defines actions, and uses that to push what can be harmful – romantic or not – behavior under the rug.

Hezen takes the male-centric narrative and flips it. As a woman, she appropriates the language to subtly nod to its microaggression, in the most respectful of ways. Her deep voice and slow rendition create a dewy atmosphere for the song that’s impossible to ignore. It also isn’t by chance. Hezen tells us she, loved the original song but also was quite frustrated by the message it conveyed.” This message isn’t new for her – as an artist she is interested in exploring feminism and the body through her work.

We got the chance to discuss why this was such a passion project for the young songstress. She told Fembot, “the four songs of my EP revolve around themes such as the male gaze, the objectification of women, and liberating ourselves from it, finding the true self behind the veil.”Cause I’m a Man is a more subtle and ironic tactic that lets its feminism speak for itself. Hezen also explains her “favourite covers have always been the ones that completely change the meaning of the original song.” In this case, the darker undertones of male/female gender binary and inherent inequalities are highlighted by the smoky sound of the cover. “I thought it would be interesting to perform the song in a darker mood,” she continued, “to show that the lyrics could get a violent meaning.”

Watch Hezen’s cover of ‘Cause I’m a Man below. You can also catch her next EP release for STIGMA out in June.

You can find out more about HEZEN and her music on her Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, and her YouTube channel.


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