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Help Us Fight Street Harassment with Catcall Catalogue

“Nice bum, where you from?” I hear hurled in my direction. Instead of disgust, anger or surprise, I feel… Normal.

Catcalling continues to be one of many societies’ mainstreamed misogynistic practices that just isn’t going away. That is, until now.

We would like to introduce Catcall Catalogue to all our readers, just in time for 2016’s International Anti-Street Harassment Week. A new feature to Fembot, this interactive map will crowd-source instances of public harassment from around the world. Catcalling happens around the globe, and this will be a visualization of the reality women and other genders face on a daily basis.

Other organizations have worked on gathering similar information, but never the world over. Hollaback, for example, works on a community level. Catcall Catalogue is a global organization of people who are saying our stories matter, and enough is enough.

This is why we need you! The project works with the public’s participation and stories. You can submit your experiences through email or the direct page.

Are you ready to show the world the reality of street harassment? Because we sure as hell are.



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Written by Sarah Foot

Sarah Foot is a native Vancouverite who, conveniently, loves the smell of rain. A recent graduate from Simon Fraser University, she is passionate about the topics of feminism, agency and sexuality. When she isn’t writing up a sweet-smelling storm, you can catch Sarah dancing, petting dogs or on her blog Ink and Jam. You can also follow her day-to-day ponderings on twitter @sarahfoot.

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