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Check Out Mana’s Newest Video “Chera Meetarsand” (Why Are They Afraid)

The song may be called Why Are They Afraid, but Mana is anything but. Her latest release is yet another example of her unwavering dedication to her Persian roots – and we love it.

Mana embraces and celebrates her identities not only in her daily life, but also through her art. As a female MC, she also raps in Farsi, often about explicitly feminist issues. Unafraid of being a minority in the scene, Mana makes waves of positivity with her music and work. Themes of choice, empowerment and anti-violence are common in the MC’s lyrics.

Lipstick Revolt, a website run by the songstress, works to empower all women-identifying folk through embracing their uniqueness and varying selves. Also a local activist, Mana is a member of the Resurrecting Queenz in DC, commenting on racial violence with a remake of Self Destruction.

Watch Mana’s latest release below, Cheera Meetarsand.

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Written by Sarah Foot

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