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PLAYLIST: Our Favourite Feminist Music Videos of the Moment

What’s better than when two amazing things come together? When three amazing things come together. Music, visuals, and feminism rarely triangulate for us, but when they do it’s really something else. The recent release of Beyoncé‘s Lemonade left us in awe at a woman embracing her process, and in that, finding her strength and womanism. It was also accompanied by stunning visuals that were serious, sad, tender, and even humorous.

The world is in awe because this vision of intersectional womanhood is so rarely depicted alongside moving lyrics in the mainstream.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, though. Feminist music videos have been thriving in the underground for years. With the advent of social media, its gotten even more exciting with increased shareability. The internet has given us not only the tools to create our own music and videos to tell our stories, but to share them with the world more readily.

Below is a list of a few favorite feministy music videos as of late. They are a diverse collection of reality and cartoon, humor, and seriousness. Touching on intersectionality, the male gaze and sexual liberation, they all take on different forms of our different feminisms. Oh and there are some rad beats involved too. And guess what, you can add the playlist on SoundCloud!

Boss Bitch by Super Deluxe & PTAF

Did you every think you’d see the Notorious RGB in a balaclava a la pussy riot? Me neither, until I saw this video. After you dust yourself of from rolling on the ground in howling laughter, make sure to watch it again. And again. The music is by rapper PTAF, and accompanies some Boss Ass Bitches doing their jobs and taking no crap from anyone.


Cool Slut by Chastity Belt

Chastity Belt hail from Seattle, the birth place of cool girl rock. Their Facebook profile kind of says everything, under awards they cite “biggest sluts” and their influences include “sex, violence, nickleback.” Cool Slut lyrically embraces the experience of being young and free to party and have sex. Visually, it is a 90s throwback that doesn’t give in to a hypersexualization that would be an easy trope to fall in to. Cool Slut is, hands down, a woman-centric embrace of sexuality on their own terms.


The Girl You Want by Hezen

Have you picked up on our major obsession with Hezen yet? Were we recently so lucky to have the lovely songstress featured on Fembot (humble brag on our part), but her videos are always an amazing fusion of music and cinematography that comment aptly on gender issues. The Girl You Want is her latest release from an album that is all about self actualization, the male gaze and dismantling internalizations. The full EP will be released in June, so watch this space!


It’s Not Rape if I’m in a FraternityAnoop Chaganty

TW: sexual violence

This one comes from a group of students at USC. As a campus that has been cited with failing to comply with sexual assault prevention, Anoop Chaganty and his fellow pupils decided to engage in the conversation through art and music. Using hip-hop, a traditionally misogynistic music form, the music video is working to smash normalizations of campus assaults.


Did we miss any of your favorite videos? Tweet us and we will take a look! We could even include them in our next round-up.


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