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ICYMI: Our Feminist News Roundup – UK Votes to Leave EU, female Guardians of the Galaxy toys, and some great news for New Yorkers

ICYMI is Fembot’s weekly news roundup, providing you last week’s feminist and social justice news. Check out what you may have missed every Monday.

  • Good news for the menstruating portion of New York City, as the NY state unanimously passed a set of bills that calls for Schools, Prisons, and homeless Shelters to provide free menstrual hygiene products. These products are set to receive the same level of funding as toilet paper and soap.
  • Mark Millar has made plans to return to his Kickass saga, this time with a female African-American leading role. Known so far only as The New Girl, our new hero is also a 29 year old mother who is ready to, well, kick some ass.
  • Unlike the first Guardians of the Galaxy (as well as The Force Awakens, The Avengers and countless other movies) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 director, James Gunn, promises fans that there will indeed be toys for our favorite female characters such as Gamora and Nebula, not just Chris Pratt and Rocket Raccoon…
  • More progressive news for New York City, where city workers are now being officially trained in Trans Pronouns 101. Parks and Rec employees in particular are being taught the importance of trans, intersex and gender fluidity issues, as they work with swimming pools and changing rooms; where gender expression and identity is at its most bare.
  • The UK is still in shock from Friday’s EU Referendum results, as a whopping 51.9 percent of the British population voted to leave the EU, to the dismay of social justice activists across the Island Nation. Demographics show that southern older voters had the majority of Leave votes, whereas the more northern younger voters held the Remain majority.



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Written by Stephanie Watson

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