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ICYMI: Feminist News Roundup: #AuditTheVote, Help for Aleppo, and Mama Africa Biopic

ICYMI is Fembot’s weekly news roundup, providing you last week’s feminist and social justice news.

  • Activists in Syria beg for the U.N and world leaders’ help in a video plea, to put an end to the ceaseless attacks on the city of Aleppo by the Russian air force and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. The city has been devastated, and the total number of deaths since Bashar al-Assad’s government launched its military offensive on Tuesday continues to rise.
  • “The future always seemed bright, but it turns out that was just global warming.”
    Check out Lucy Mihajlich’s dystiopian novel, Interface, which was released yesterday.

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Written by Ashleen Grange

Ashleen is your friendly neighbourhood perpetual j-schooler, who currently calls Toronto home. A self-described pop-culture junkie, she has aspirations to work as a writer within the film and entertainment industry. She hopes to further use her passion for social justice to highlight key issues of representation in mainstream media.

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