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Cyberrriot issue 10: ‘DREAMS’ is now live!

Dear Fembotters,

I’ve waited exactly 109 days for Spring to arrive and already the season has not (yet) disappointed; sunshine, heat, and blue skies have taken over and it’s amazing. Give or take the odd over-cast day filled with light rain, it gives me hope that Summer will be even better, but that’s a topic for another zine.

Since daylight-savings kicked in a couple of weeks ago, we’ve also been blessed with lighter evenings, and light-evenings are one of my favourite times to read and write, particular poetry and prose. When twilight hits around 7:30, I feel like I’m in a dream-like state whenever I look out of the window. Time feels extended during this time of year and it’s extremely relaxing.

Speaking of dream-like, I bring you to this season’s theme: DREAMS. Dreams was a pretty easy theme to pick because they’re something we all have, whether it’s literal dreams; as in, the bizarre stories we experience in our sleep, and/or the metaphorical; the goals we hold dear and hope to accomplish before our final days. Daydreams, nightmares, even mental health symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, and dissociations are forms of what I consider dreams, because they exist in a plane of reality that we can’t touch, or completely control.

We were sent an overwhelming amount of submissions for this season, and I thank everyone involved because to experience someone else’s dream is a very intimate thing. From sex dreams, dreams of equality, dreams of an end to racism, to nightmares of sexual assault, and even dreams about dreaming, this issue is jam packed with all your most intimate thoughts and feelings. This zine in itself is part of my overall dream; to become a successful writer and editor, so I’m glad you get to experience it with me.

Without further ado, here is our Spring issue of Cyberrriot: DREAMS.

Cyberrriot on!
~ Stephanie
EIC of Fembot and Cyberrriot

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Written by Stephanie Watson

Stephanie Watson, co-founder of Fembot, joined Fembot in 2010, and since then has gotten an honors degree in Psychology, and an HNC in Professional Writing. She also contributes to HelloGiggles, and hopes to make her way further in the journalistic world. As well as her love for opinionated journalism and social media, she also writes romantic prose and cryptic poetry, dabbling in minamalist painting too. Stephanie’s goals are of a personal creative kind, however through her articles and poetry she hopes to provoke change and discussion of social justice issues.

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