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ICYMI: Our June Feminist News Roundup – Pride Month, England Terrors, and Diamond Reynolds

[TRIGGER WARNING: Terrorism, death, murder, police brutality]

ICYMI is Fembot’s monthly news roundup, providing you this month’s feminist and social justice news. Check out what you may have missed at the end of each month!

Pride Month and Marriage equality for Germany
– The annual commemoration of the Stonewall protests, and LGBT+ celebrations, took place this June. From the Equality March in Washington, Toronoto marches, to New York Pride March, there have been tons of public events across North America. And in terms of change, Germany is now celebrating a massive win for LGBTQIAP+ rights as finally, marriage equality was officially passed at the very end of the month. The law not only allows same gender couples to marry, but also adopt children. Liebe gewinnt!

One Love Manchester
– A month after the devastating attack on Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande gig, Grande and other notable stars hosted a benefit concert for the survivors and victims of the terrorist attack. The benefit raised over ten million pounds ($13 mil) , and all proceeds from Ariana Grande’s re-released track One Last Time will also go to the fund. You can watch the full gig here, and donate to the We Love MCR Emergancy Fund charity here.

London Bridge Attack
– Terror literally struck London on the 3rd of June as a speeding van mounted the pavement and deliberatly rammed into pedestrians crossing London Bridge. Eight civilians were killed in the crash and by subsequent stabbings from the attackers, and the three attackers were shot by police. A total of 48 people were also injured. After the Manchester attacks, the bridge attack marked the third terror attack in the UK this year.

Grenfell Tower Fire
– London didn’t have peace for long until yet another tragedy struck. On the 14th of June a public housing apartment block caught flame, after a faulty fridge-freezer exploded. Due to shoddy and cheap craftmenship of the apartments, the fire was deemed inevitable by authorities after inspection of the building. The main issue was that PIR insulation foam was used as insulation, a highly flammable material that should not have passed safety checks. Due to corner cutting and classism, 80 people lost their lives, and 70 people were injured. However due to the severity of the fire, it’s extremely difficult to pull a total death toll, and many people are still missing.

E3 Diversity
– On a less depressing note, June was home to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Typically, most of the video games presented were very white and cishet male centric in terms of characterisation and culture, however there were quite a few diverse games on display. Yet by diverse, we mostly mean able bodied white female led, showing that Games still have a long way to go to discover what true diversity means. Playable characters of color, disabled characters, and LGBT+ characters that don’t die horribly; we still need more. Luckily there are games like Tacoma and Fortnite that will scratch some of that itch.

Diamond Reynolds & Jeronimo Yanzez
– Back in 2016, police officer Jeronimo Yanez shot and killed nutrition services supervisor Philando Castile, while Castile’s girlfriend Diamond Reynolds filmed the murder as proof. As of June 16th, Yanzez has been aquitted of one count of second-degree manslaughter and two counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm. As an artistic response to this event, and police brutality in general, Reynolds is now appearing in an art project created by Luke Willis Thompson. Autoportrait is a motionless video of Reynolds, drenched in black and white. The project is said to counter the images of Castile’s murder.

Hung Parliaments & Magic Money Trees in the UK
– After a snap election called by Prime Minister Theresa May back in April, the UK votes lead to a hung parliment, meaning, basically, that nobody won. Though the Conservative party held the largest party out of every British political party, they failed to get the majority vote, which lead to the Prime Minister asking the Democratic Unionist Party to join them in a coalition. Though Theresa May continually told the country that there was not enough money to increase funding in several areas (i.e. health care, Scottish or Welsh issues), she was somehow able to cough up a whopping one billion pounds to essentially buy the DUP’s partnership.

Beyoncé Gives Birth
– Some fluffy updates from a self proclaimed feminist to break up all this miserable news. Beyoncé Knowles Carter’s gemini twins were born sometime during the middle of June, and though a lot of the news around the babies are quite vague and secretive, Beyoncé has given a statement on the sweet news. But what about names? Well no one has the hard facts yet, but they are rumored to be named Bea and Shawn!

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