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ICYMI: Our July Feminist News Roundup – HIV cure, Girls Trip, and Inclusive Tennis

[TRIGGER WARNING: Terrorism, death, murder, police brutality]

ICYMI is Fembot’s monthly news roundup, providing you this month’s feminist and social justice news. Check out what you may have missed at the end of each month!

The Slow Extinction of HIV
– Breaking news in the health world, as the formally incurable virus is losing the fight against modern medicine. Today it surfaced that a 9 year old child is the third HIV patient to go into remission. Due to an aggressive treatment of daily antiretroviral drugs, patients are more likely to survive the deadly illness, according to the Parisian study that tested the child. On top of this wonderful news, there was also a medical trial that showed promising results in terms of prevention. A cervical ring developed by ASPIRE, has demonstrated a 56 percent cut in infections since the trail began. With these preventitive measures and post-diagnosis treatments in place, HIV may one day be a thing of the past.

Good Riddance Sean Spicer
– Globally hated by leftists, U.S press secretary Sean Spicer has resigned his post, after the white house hired new communications aide Anothy Scaramucci. The spin doctor believed that Scaramucci’s hiring would lead to a “too many cooks” situation, and that the Trump administration was focusing too much on finding TV-friendly politicians. “CEO of America” Donald Trump has since replaced Spicer with former deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Spencer.

Acid Attacks
– Lately, London has seen an increase in acid attacks, specifcally against the Muslim community. After being attacked last month, aspiring model Resham Kahn has spoken out about the trolls and harrasment she’s exerienced since being released from hospital; sexism, islamaphobia, you name it she got it. Two young men were also attacked just days ago. This increase in acid assaults have led to talks on restricting the ability to buy corrosive chemicals over the counter, via the requirement of a license. Here is a useful guide on what to do if you experience or witness an acid attack.

Women’s Wheelchair Doubles

Tennis players Yui Kamiji and Jordanne Whiley won women’s wheelchair doubles this month at Wimbledon. Kamiji is the first Japanese woman, and non-Dutchwoman to win the Masters title, and has won four grand slams. Whiley has also won four straight Wimbledon women’s wheelchair doubles and was also 11 weeks pregnant during her latest victory, having to play through the morning sickness, showing that nothing can hold a woman down when she puts her mind to it.

The Queer Insurrection
– A military unit fighting against ISIS over in Syria have also been fighting for LGBTQIAP+ rights this month. The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army were set up in order to combat the attacks directed at LGBTQIAP+ folk who were filmed being murdered and abused, as well as victims of the Pulse club shooting in Orlando. On Twitter they shard he following mission statement: “We seek to smash the gender binary and advance the women’s revolution as well as the broader gender and sexual revolution.”

Rashan Charles
– A young black man was killed last week after an altercation in a London convenience store. Security camera footage shows Charles walking into the store, while a police officer quickly follows him to the back of the shop, grabbing him. The officer then tackles Charles to the ground and handcuffs him. The fuzzy security footage shows Charles putting something in his mouth or simply touching his lip area, but this was after the officer tackled him, so the media is still unsure of what actually happened. Charles became ill after the incident and died later in the hospital, leading to anti-police brutality protests in the Dalston area. A vigil is to be held for Charles, and for Edson Da Costa, another young man who was killed a few weeks earlier.

‘Girl’s Trip’ Smashed Box Office

– On it’s debut weekend, actress of color led comedy Girls Trip made a whopping 30 million dollars, and got an 89 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie unapologetically tells the story of four black women who rekindle their friendship with a trip to New Orleans, to dance, drink, and maybe a hook-up or two. According to Box Office Mojo, 79 percent of the audience for the movie’s opening were women, and 59 percent were black viewers, showing that diversity does indeed sell, as much as Hollywood usually tries to deny it.

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