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ICYMI: Our August Feminist News Roundup – Charlottesville, Reputation, and Hurricane Harvey

[TRIGGER WARNING: Terrorism, White Supremacy, Murder]

ICYMI is Fembot’s monthly news roundup, providing you this month’s feminist and social justice news. Check out what you may have missed at the end of each month!

  • Charlottesville
    White Supremacists, Neo-Nazi’s, Neo-Confederates, anti-semites, anti-Islam white nationalists gathered in the town of Charlottesville during August 11th-12th, protesting the removal of a civil war statue in Emancipation Park. Things got nasty very quickly, as the protesters wielded literal pitchforks and torches at counter-protesters, injuring 14 people and killing one woman. But hey, there were many sides,  right Trump?

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– Did you know that women of color were and still are pioneers of the punk movement? That stigma actually increases the number of STD cases? That anyone born in the Dominican Republic from 1929 to 2010 were stripped of their Dominican nationality?


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