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11 Very Last Minute Feminist Halloween Costumes To Rock This Year

Only 1 day to go!

We’ve all been in that situation; it’s October 30th and you still don’t have a Halloween costume. Whether you’re handing out candy to trick-or-treaters or you’ve been invited to an impromptu party, you’re going to need something to keep the Halloween mood alive.

But have no fear, Fembot has you covered. Here are ten very easy last minute costume ideas that don’t take much effort. Most of them will take nothing more than a trip to the thrift store at most, and a dash to your closet at least.

Just a little disclaimer folks: blackface, yellowface, or any kind of cultural appropriation with the following costumes is not appropriate. But in terms of gender, if you’re a guy who wants to dress as Daria; go for it! If you want to be a non-binary Eleven, do it! Smash the gender binary while you rock that outfit.


The Queen of sarcasm is incredibly easy to do if you have medium brown hair and a spare green jacket hanging around, just add glasses and some kick ass boots, then you’re done!

A feminist from another era

Take any vaguely vintage or retro outfit you have an add a sash with your favorite feminist phrase, then you’ll have the most progressive costume of the party.

Lisa Simpson

Most glam babes will have a red strapless dress in their wardrobe, so grab your mom’s pearls, powder your eyes with yellow eyeshadow and BOOM, you’re our fave nerd girl.


For our ladies of color out there, there’s no cooler outfit inspiration than the queen of pop herself, Mrs Yoncé. From her newly iconic Lemonade look, to her Destiny Child days; just grab a stunning dress, a (possibly fake) microphone, and some killer heels.

Ilana Wexler

This is one of the easiest costumes to pull off because every item of clothing is probably already sitting in your closet, and it’s super comfy too. Take your bestie or partner with you to be your Abbi Jacobson, and you have the perfect group costume.

Cookie Lyon

Empire lovers, this one’s for you. All it takes is some faux fur, the biggest earrings you can find, and a killer smirk.

Serena Williams

If you’re already a tennis player then this costume will be the easiest thing you plan all year. Come straight from the courts with your game face still on for extra points.


For all our short haired Fembots out there, El is your calling this year. With season 2 of Stranger Things being so hot right now, you’ll be instantly recognizable.

Wonder Woman

At first glance this does not sound like a quick and last minute outfit, but there are so many ways to pull this off with a bright blue pair of jeans or leggings, and a red shirt.

Go Go

Big Hero Six‘s badass mechanical engineer is such a simple outfit if you already known a pleather jacket and some active wear. Just be sure to grab some blue hair spray to the mix while you’re at it.


Issa Dee

Short hair? Check, colourful blazer? Check, Graphic T? Check! Are you awkward? Double check! Wait, have you read Issa Rae’s book yet?

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Written by Stephanie Watson

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