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ICYMI: Our November Feminist News Roundup – Egypt, Zimbabwe, and #MeToo

[TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Assault, Pedophillia, Rape, Terrorism, Death]

ICYMI is Fembot’s monthly news roundup, providing you this month’s feminist and social justice news. Check out what you may have missed at the end of each month!


Egypt Mosque Attack

One of the most deadly attacks in modern Egyptian history occurred on the 24th. Over 300 people died, and nearly 130 people were injured in the Al-Rawda mosque in Sinai. Though no group has claimed responsibility for the attack as of yet, there are suspicions that it is connected with ISIS.

Sexual Assault Allegations

Ever since the truth came out about Harvey Weinstein, countless celebrities and civilians have come forward to tell their own stories of pain. Kevin Spacey, Louis C K, Donald Trump, George Takei, Murray Miller, and so many more people have been accused (and some have straight out admitted to) the allegations. The campaign #MeToo was set up in order for more survivors, such as Rose McGowen, Lupita nyong’o, Terry Cruise, and many of our readers, to share their own stories.

Zimbabwe Coup

For the first time in, well, forever, Zimebabwe now has a former president. After a military takeover on the 14th, Robert Mugabe was urged to resign his position as President, having ruled a whopping 37 years in office. He has been surpassed by his vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Australia Votes YES on LGBT+ Marriage

After a two month postal survey was released to the Australian people, the votes showed an overwhelming victory for the LGBTQIAP+ community. 61 percent of the votes were for same-sex marriage, and 38 percent were against. Despite the good news, the vote in itself is not legally binding, and the final decision will be left up to parliament to decide.

Mikayla Holmgren

The first State Miss USA contestant with Down Syndrome is dancing her way through the beauty pageant circuit this month. The 22 year old Bethel university student has won the Spirit of Miss USA award, as well as the Directors Award, and is up for the People’s Choice award. Money raised from each People’s Choice vote has gone to the cleft palate charity Smile Train.

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