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Let life be

Floating on water

Let you be

Tiptoeing on equilibrium

Let the past be

Diving under the surface

Falling like Icarus

Let your past be

Screaming at you

Acknowledging its existence

Let you be

Drowning neglected sorrows

Let life be

Raising to the surface

Let you be

Leaving who you were

Embracing who you are

Let your past be

Bringing you less anger

Causing less pain

Let you be

Fighting your solitary battles

Slaughtering voices in your head

Let you be

Winning after all


I left lipstick stains

on too many coffee cups

while waiting for trains

to catch and loose

Another station

Another chair

Another delay

Same limbos


different familiarities

different habits

different food

different weather

different cities

• they won’t ever meet each other

Leaving one world

I step into the other

then I come back,

always changed

In-between revolving doors

I wait for a train

wondering who am I

leaving lipstick stains

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Written by Valeria Vigilante

Born in the sunny Naples, in Italy, Valeria Vigilante is studying European Studies (Research) at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is passionate about politics, feminism and cinema. Since she was a young teenager, Valeria has been experimenting with words, sometimes getting lost in them. Currently looking for a cure for her obsession with animal socks and flamingos.

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