Baudelaire Brookes

Baudelaire Brookes is a Togolese-American young writer who seeks to embrace feminism and social justice issues through the written word. She loves creating and being surrounded by good art and hopes to one day create writing that changes the life of anyone willing to listen, even if it is just one person. She also strives to create influential content on feminism and social justice issues on her YouTube Channel, the Somebody Campaign. She spends most of her time reading and loves films. She lives on deep, intellectual conversations and hopes one day that her life will become a collection of good stories as dramatic as the ones she writes. Baudelaire has never been great at short, concise autobiographies largely because third person biographies give the false impression that the only way you can ever be anything worth talking about is if it’s someone else talking about you. She wonders why first person is so unprofessional and then remembers it’s Earth we are living in. Perhaps self-praise is too arrogant; or rather our society and its people hate itself too much to address it candidly. But, she digresses.

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