SoulReserve is an ardent writer and a wistful poet. She has written over 700 pieces of contemporary poetry and has a great following on her Tumblr blog. Her poetry explores love and its tumultuousness, the fantasy and zest in nature, allegories that provoke thoughts and evoke tender feelings. All this belies her real profession, she’s been an IT engineer for over 11 years. She also writes about science, technology, travel and ecology. She enjoys the perks of being a wallflower. But you can reach her at

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    Learning to love

    I run green fingers to untangle the stubborn intertwined strands, I water shriveled roots that unclasp coarse earth, give up, I coax prodding and nudging gently reminding them, to love life little by little.   [Image via]   Want to be featured in Fembot? We encourage you to submit your feminist art for consideration to […]

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