Spookathon 2017  


Stephanie Watson
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25/09/2017 11:52 am  

Challenge taken from this video.

It's nearly October, which means it's also nearly Halloween; and THAT means it's time to start reading some spooky books!

Spookathon is a popular YouTube challenge that entails reading thrillers throughout October, and if there's one thing better than reading a spooky book, then it's reading a feminist spooky book.

Here are the challenges, tweaked slightly to be a little more social justice orientated (but feel free to just do the original):

1. read a (feminist) thriller
2. read a book with a spooky word in the title
3. read a book based on a childhood fear
4. read a book with orange on the cover
5. read a book that has a spooky setting
6. read a book with an all female character list

And yes, short stories count 🙂

Let us know how you did!


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