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Written by thingsiwanttheworldtoknow via Tumblr:-

  • Are you hungry? Should you get some food?
  • Are you thirsty? Have you had anything to drink in the last two hours? Should you get a drink?
  • Do you need the bathroom? Do you need a shower?
  • How is your posture? Are you sitting comfortably? Are you sitting in a way that is good for your back?
  • Check the time. Have you been on for too long? Are you ready for any scheduled things you have today?
  • Were you going to work, exercise or sleep in this time?
  • Are you the right temperature? Too warm, too cold?
  • How is the air? Is it stuffy? Do you need to open a window or go outside?
  • Have you taken your meds and/or birth control?
  • Is your music loud? Could it be turned down to spare your hearing? Are there background noises that are stressing you out?
  • Are you developing a screen headache? Have you had a break in the last hour?
  • Have your hands had a rest from typing and clicking? Are they tired?
  • How are you feeling? Are you getting stressed?
  • Is your stomach settled?
  • Are you tense? Is there anything bothering you?
  • Do you need to pause? Do you need to meditate?

If you can't check them all off do NOT worry, just having done a couple still counts as progress!

Feel free to post your own in the comments!


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