Do you have a story you’re itching to tell? Fembot Magazine encourages you to submit that story to us!

We’re looking for journalistic articles that adhere to Fembot’s message of social justice and intersectional feminism. News reports, editorial features, opinion pieces, open letters, investigative journalism, interviews and Q&A’s, are all welcome.

Please pitch us your idea(s), with a few sentences detailing what it’s about, how you plan to write it, and why it’s important, to our e-mail at We also ask that you send some writing samples of previous work, so we an gauge your skill level and see if your style is adaptable to ours.

We do accept finished articles, however we reserve the right to decline submissions if they do not fit our style or mission statement. Not sure what to submit?

Submissions that ask to advertise a product will not be considered. However, if you are a part of a collective that aims to bring social justice in the form of a product (i.e. menstrual products, feminist music etc.,) we encourage you to share your work with us. We will also not publish anything that is anti-Islamic, suggests that reverse-isms are real threats to society, or that holds Trans-Exclusionary Radical “Feminist” values.

Since we are a non-profit organisation, Fembot cannot currently compensate contributors for their submissions, however we’re currently looking into how to change this.

We accept writers from all over the globe, we only ask that if you have a non-English article to share that you have it translated as we are not a bilingual team (yet!) unfortunately.

If you are interested in becoming an intern with Fembot Magazine, or interested in submitting to our seasonal arts zine Cyberrriot, then feel free to discuss the options with us via email or our social media.