Not sure what to submit?

We’re always looking for new interns, article trades, and contributors!

Fembot publishes articles that focus on intersectional feminist concepts such as LGBTQIAP+, race, gender, disability, mental health, physical & sexual health, and class issues. Our mission is to educate and entertain, so finding a balance between the two is a welcomed style!

Unsure of what topics to pitch? Here are some suggestions – but feel free to pitch anything you think would fit into our mandate!

Possible themes to submit:

  • Indigenous & interracial issues
  • Black History Month, Pride Month, Women’s History Month & other holidays
  • Eco-feminism & environmentalism
  • Feminist book/movie/TV show/comic/game reviews
  • Feminist critique of the arts, or celebrity critique, through a feminist lens
  • Discussing oppression or bigotry
  • Menstruation & mammary issues
  • Drugs and addiction
  • Gender transition & transphobia/transmisogyny/anti-terf issues
  • Biological & psychological issues
  • The importance of native language
  • Feminist allyship
  • Poor accessibility for disabled folk
  • Breaking news such as government decisions, terrorist attacks, etc.
  • Autism & other developmental issues
  • Intersectional glossaries & new social justice concepts
  • Cultural appropriation
  • #BlackLivesMatter, #SayHerName & other movements
  • Intersectional feminist history
  • Depressive and psychotic disorders
  • Happy feminist news
  • Celebrating cultural fashions
  • Anecdotal articles that detail your experiences with social justice or oppression
  • Natural Hair & body Positivity
  • Social justice and social media
  • Aging
  • Slut shaming
  • Colorism & internalized racism, sexism, etc.
  • Promoting businesses and art from people of color, disabled artists, women etc.
  • Asexual inclusive issues
  • Animal rights & cruelty
  • Poverty
  • Sexual and Reproductive health
  • Education & access to learning materials in developing nations
  • Self care & therapeutic methods
  • Feminist visions of the future & feminist flashbacks to the past
  • Reproductive rights/education/technologies
  • And so on!

Fembot accepts journalistic articles, personal essays, interviews, letters, and playlists. We also encourage the submission of infographics, photo essays, comics, and videos. Please look over our existing articles to get a sense of the style of writing we’re looking for.