Trade articles with us!

For years now, Fembot has been republishing bundles of guest posts from a handful of awesome websites, and yours can be one of them!

Please send a list of articles you’d like to republish, with links to articles from your own site that you’d like to swap them for, to Please also let us know your own guidelines for publishing said articles.

– This process is not a transfer of copyright but simply the act of having one article in multiple places to extend readership. The author of each piece still holds 100% of the copyright.
– Submissions that advertise a product will not be considered. However, if you are a part of a collective that aims to bring social justice in the form of a product (i.e. menstrual products, feminist music etc.,) or if you’re featuring a cause that is, we encourage you to share your work with us.
– We will not publish anything that is anti-Islamic, suggests that reverse-isms are real threats to society, or that holds Trans-Exclusionary Radical “Feminist” values.

Check out our swaps right here:
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For more information on how to get in contact with us, and to take a look at our guidelines, check out our contributor page, and our article prompt list if you’re unsure of which topics we’d like to see.