Intern for Us

Fembot Magazine is looking for a selection of writers, and editors with great writing skills and intriguing ideas to submit articles, work on social media, or become a PR representative. You will work closely with our managing editors to make sure your article meets the requirements of our mission statement and writers’ guide.

Fembot’s internshipa are on a rolling-basis, so there’s no specific deadline to apply. Our internships are online based, so we accept writers from all over the globe, we only ask that if you have a non-English article to share that you have it translated as we are not a bilingual team unfortunately (yet!)

We only offer unpaid internships at the moment (as we are a non-profit site) and MAY count for college credit. If you are looking for college credit, please e-mail us and contact your tutors for more information.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact

Below are the specific details of what you can expect out of your internships with Fembot along with details on howto apply. Keep in mind that each intern’s experience is unique.


Editorial Intern:
Each intern will work closely with our editors to ensure that articles on the site are topical, sensitive, and adhere to the site’s mission statement. Each intern will write weekly articles based on their own article pitches. Interns will NEVER be asked to write something they’re not comfortable with. Interns will submit at least one article per week, or per two weeks, alternative schedules can however be requested.

Each Editorial intern will be provided a writers’ guide that will assist them in the guidelines for submission. Editors and writers will partake in a revision process that will lead to the writer’s article to be published on the website.

Each intern is expected to also share their articles on social media.

If you are interested in applying for this position, then please email us at with five article ideas, and 2 examples of your previous work.

Breaking News Intern:
The news intern will be asked to write one news article per week on very timely issues. I.e: What’s going on in politics, feminist celebrity news, breaking news about terrorist attacks and natural disasters, the latest news in intersectional activist circles, the release of brand new feminist products/movies/books/albums, etc.

If you are interested in applying for this position, then please email us with five news ideas, and 2 examples of your previous work.

News Columnist Intern:
The News Columnist will write one news roundup per month, based on our template. Each article will feature five links to reliable news stories that are important to feminists everywhere, with one or two lines of summary.

If you are interested in this position please email us some writing samples, along with a mock roundup article that looks something like this.

Available Positions: 1/1

Creative Editorial Intern:
Creative Editorial interns will work on the site’s seasonal arts zine, Cyberrriot. Creative Editorial interns will submit 3 peices of their work to the zine each issue, and aid in the monthly curation of the zine. They will be asked to promote the zine via social media, and find artists to invite to submit.

If you are interested in applying for this position, then please email us five creative ideas that align with the current zine theme, 2 examples of your work, and your resume, to

If you are planning to apply then please read through the rules and regulations for Cyberrriot also.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to email us.


Editorial Assistant:
Editorial assistants will work with editorial interns and contributors to produce grammatically correct, sensitive, thought provoking, well researched, well sourced, entertaining, and factually accurate articles.

Each editor will be provided with an editors guide, and will submit fully edited pieces to Fembot’s WordPress once writers have completed their piece. Editors will also be asked to submit their own weekly articles, based on timely and relevant news events.

On top of this, editors will be asked to share each article, and other Fembot related pieces on social media, head hunt new interns and contributors, and spread awareness of the site.

If you are interested in applying for this position, then please email us with five article ideas, your resume, and 2 examples of your editing skills (e.g. a before and after article of something you’ve edited. You’ll be asked to edit an article as a trial piece.)


If you are more interested in a less structured and less time-sensitive way to work with us, then check out our contributor guidelines.