Cyberrriot the Zine

Are you looking for an opportunity to flex your creative skills? We encourage you to submit your creative writing for consideration to be digitally published in our seasonal arts zine, Cyberrriot.

Are you looking for an opportunity to flex your creative skills? We encourage you to submit your creative writing for consideration to be digitally published in our seasonal arts zine, Cyberrriot.

Cyberrriot is an arts zine presented by Fembot Magazine, featuring traditional and digital art from our talented contributors. Published seasonally, each issue of Cyberrriot sticks to a memorable theme that reflects the feel of the season well.

The theme for Spring ’18 is LIBERATION

What we’d love to see from you:

Written Art (e.g. poetry, short stories, flash fiction, vignettes, fictional and non-fiction monologues, fictional and non-fiction letters, scripts, extracts from novel etc.)
Visual Still Art (e.g photography, posters, drawings, collages, digital and traditional paintings, sketches, printing, clothing and technology design etc.)
Mixed media (e.g. vlogs, Instagram pictures, gifs, music, Vimeo/YouTube videos, etc.)
Conversations & Social Media (e.g. text message, Twitter replies, Tumblr blog posts, etc.)
The deadline for all zine submissions is April 30th and will be published digitally on our site May 5th.

If you wish to submit a piece of art to Fembot’s Cyberrriot, please submit your piece(s) to, along with a short third person bio. Please also sign up to Gravatar, and link us to your profile there.

Make sure every piece of art you submit has a clear title in the file itself (e.g. LiberateMe.png) or in the email you send. So long as we can tell which submission is which and how to label it on our site.

We will publish a maximum of two to three peices of art per person, depending on how large our submission rate is that season, but feel free to submit as many as you’d like so we can discuss which ones would work best on the zine.

If you would like to become a creative editorial intern with Cyberrriot, then please email us with five art ideas for the current theme, your resume, and 2 examples of your previous work (that can include unpublished art as well as published).


Rules and requirements:

  • After we receive your initial submission we may ask for some changes to be made, please send us back a further draft of your piece with these changes within a couple of days after receiving them.
  • Please do not submit pieces that have already been published elsewhere unless you have permission from the publication/gallery.
  • Please submit your piece(s) with a title or title suggestions.
  • Please do as much self-editing and proof-reading as possible to ensure your piece(s) is as finished as possible before submission.
  • Please let us know if you would prefer to use your full name or pseudonym in your artist bio, you can also use an avatar instead of a headshot but please submit one in advance of the deadline.



  • We are more likely to publish short stories, poetry, etc. that have a strong social justice slant.
  • We prefer short stories, letters, scripts etc. that lay between 500 and 3000 words. Length will vary depending on medium, however we will not publish short stories that go into novella territory, for example, due to space limitations.
  • We have a heavy preference for original material, as fan fictions are usually difficult to publish without copyright violation.



  • We have the right to refuse any submissions and all submissions will be posted on the website and will not get reimbursed.
  • We will not publish any plagiarized material, hate speeches, or pieces of writing written to advertise a product.
  • With all previous and future issues of Cyberrriot, it is illegal to repost any of these art pieces without consent of the artist and Fembot; re-shares are welcome, but please contact if you would like to re-publish any of the pieces, with full citations. The copyright of each piece belongs solely with each artist, however we ask to be notified if artists wish to re-publish elsewhere, and that Cyberrriot is cited as the original publication.


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