Fall 2015


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Dear Fembotters,

So it’s finally Fall, a chilly and cosy month for most of us, and a great time to snuggle up on the couch with friends and family while drinking a hot pumpkin spiced coffee or tea.

Fall has always been my favorite season, I think it’s mostly the aesthetics, and feelings of comfort and candle-lit darkness. It also brings out the poet in me, more so than any other month.

Fall and friendship often goes hand in hand; it’s when school starts up again; and new friendships are born, it’s when we grabbed our childhood chums to go trick-or-treating, and it’s when we sit down with friends and family to eat a thanksgiving dinner. To me, Fall is friendship. It births friendship.

But like the Autumnal flora, friendships also die sometimes. The can fade into fragile pieces, crusting and wilting like the brown leaves that don’t have the privilege of being evergreen. Sometimes it’s for the best, a natural occurrence, but not always.

So like Fall, there is no one kind of friendship; it’s often either life or death, warm or cold, or a mixture of both.

Our artists this issue know this, and amongst the happy pieces of ever lasting friendship, there is also a batch of painful endings and wilting. These photographs and poems highlight the passion that is our connection with our peers, as the months and years pass.

This month we asked you to send us your selfies, to shine a light on your best friendships, so no matter how hard a friendship can get; they’ll always be a reminder of the happiest times.

So snuggle up with a good friend and a good cup of coffee, because here is our Fall issue of Cyberrriot: Friendship.

Cyberrriot on!

~ Stephanie Watson, EIC of Cyberrriot.


Having studied an HND in photography, Louise Corcoran has had her camera by her side for most of her life. Her focus is mainly in portraiture, though she also likes to discover new areas for some stunning landscape shots. Check out the rest of her photography here!

Sarah Foot is a native Vancouverite who, conveniently, loves the smell of rain. A recent graduate from Simon Fraser University, she is passionate about the topics of feminism, agency and sexuality. When she isn’t writing up a sweet-smelling storm, you can catch Sarah dancing, petting dogs or Associate Edit-ing at Fembot Magazine. You can also follow her day-to-day ponderings on twitter @sarahfoot.

Founder and Editor in Chief Alissa Medina‘s love of online publications led to her spearhead Fembot and also intern at international publications such as TMZ, KNBC, and Access Hollywood. She recently earned dual bachelor’s degrees in English and Women’s Studies. Besides working social media platforms, helping writers, and delegating feisty article topics, she is working on her MA in Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU.

Katherine Rendon is a second year student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, pursuing a degree in English and Environmental Studies. When not arguing with people at parties over the importance of feminism and/or veganism, she can be found reading, binge watching Netflix, at a concert, or tweeting long rants. She doesn’t go anywhere without a reusable water bottle and firmly believes that selfies are important.

NatNatalie Rivera is a proud feminist and freelance writer who enjoys writing anything pop culture-oriented, as long as it’s women-positive. She earned her journalism degree in 2013 and has since then written for a variety of trending websites. Her heroes consist of David Bowie and Annie Clark, who are changing the way the world perceives sexual and gender fluidity. Follow her on Twutter @ByNatalieRivera.


Melanie De Torres (or Anie Torres for her Wattpad readers) is a full time learner of arts, based in Cavite. She started writing stories and poems at the age of 8. She also has a thing for sketching, painting, performing arts, photography, and wood crafts. She will be publishing her first book under Pop Fiction – Summit Media next year. You can catch her up on her blog.

Stephanie Watson, co-EIC of Fembot, joined Fembot in 2010, and since then has gotten an honors degree in Psychology, and an HNC in Professional Writing. As well as her love for opinionated journalism and social media, she also writes romantic prose and cryptic poetry, dabbling in photography from time to time. Stephanie’s goals are of a personal creative kind, however through her articles she hopes to provoke change and discussion of social justice issues. She currently writes for HelloGiggles, and BitchMedia.


by Louise Corcoran

by Louise Corcoran


by Melanie De Torres 

Dreams and friendships have no social status restrictions. If they have, it’s not a dream and it’s not real friendship.


Goodby Stephanie Watson

# 1. Forever
You’ve always been here,
from the very first thank you,
to the last goodbye.

#2. Celebration
We dance to the beat
of the rising tempo,
you and I, tonight.

#3. You Had to be There
We laugh so hard
that our lungs ache from the joy,
of this private joke.

#4. Alissa
She’s stronger than steel,
with a boss attitude to
boot. Feminist wiz.

#5. Hayley
Our letters hold us
so far away yet so close,
I’ll meet you one day.

#6 Lauren
We scream in all caps,
and obsess over cuties.
Health won’t defeat us.

#7. Louise
Skilled with a bright lens,
and an ear for listening.
A true and smart friend.

#8. Natalie
Her pure talent shines,
Through a glimmering candle
lighting up the sky.

#9. Rose
She’s a crafty one,
with a spooky little kit,
and a ball of yarn.

#10. Yolanda
People have hurt us,
but we can still laugh and
see that we are rad.

by Stephanie Watson

You are a passive killer, with a hidden obsession with asphyxiation.
Taking the warm comforting mass and leaving it to suffer in a room with no air,

No oxygen, no hydrogen, not even a little carbon monoxide to put itself out of its misery.
Carelessly yet with motive, you abandon it, and let it perish slowly.
It waits for you, thinking you’ll come back to save it.
But you never do.

You just laugh, you laugh at your ignorance.
In your eyes it’s just a symptom of a busy life,
A prognosis you think has no cure.

It sees you at the window, flustered and blushing with a mild form of guilt.
You tell it you’re sorry but you can’t let it out, and you wave flippantly.
It dies a little more, with that hint of hope you gave it so briefly.
Only to take away, and replace with more resentment.
It continues to die, to mourn, and anger is born.

Passive killer, you’re laughable now.
You’ve strangled this warmth, this comforting mass.
I’d never leave you in this room like this, I’d never smother you with silence.
Yet with sheer laziness, and some sort of unjustified resentment,
You killed the mass, it’s no longer warm and comforting,
It’s no longer waiting for you to come save it.

It lays dead in the middle of the cold dirty floor.
The floor that once was mutual respect and interest.
The mass that once was our friendship.

We encourage you to submit your creative writing for consideration to be digitally published in our new monthly literary arts zine, Cyberrriot.

Our theme for Winter is MEMORY

What we’d love to see from you:

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The deadline for all zine submissions is 30th December and will be published digitally on our site January 5th.

We’ll also announce next month’s theme within the next few days on our official Facebook page, so stay tuned!

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