Summer 2017

Curation and graphic design by Stephanie Watson. PR by Olivia Hu, Olivia Jensen, and Rebecca Upton.

// Cassandre Bolan’s Goddess Hercules
// Cassandre Bolan’s Goddess Zeus
// Olivia Jensen’s How to lift my spirits
// Karen Kaye Llamas’ After You
// Joan McNerney’s Lost Dream
// Joan McNerney’s The fox on Lake Ontario
// Marilena Ness’s Am I Dying?
// Marilena Ness’s News
// Marilena Ness’s One of Many
// Christiana Nicolaides’s I’m a Murderer
// Ashley Parker Owens’ Puppet Battle
// Ashley Parker Owens’ Ancestor in a Storm
// Erica S. Qualy’s Like Me
// Piper Barrons Renegade Leave Me Alone
// Piper Barrons Renegade My Angel

// Christiana Nicolaides I’m a Murderer
// Valeria Vigilante’s Monopoly
// Joe Watson’s Cover for Wiseblood

editor’s letter

Dear Fembotters,

I always wait for Summer like a school kid, I have it engrained in my mind that the mood of the year will completely change and that new experiences will just fall at my feet. But despite the sunshine picking up my mood considerably, I’ve realized that I can’t wait for Summer each year to give me new opportunities, especially when Summer gives me a muggy overcast day like today that just feels like any other day.

So as the old cliché says, you have to make opportunities for yourself, and this is part of what inspired this zine’s inception in the first place. As well as the current changes Fembot in general has been going through this season.

With each passing issue I feel like we find more and more talented artists, discover new talent, and new art forms. This issue in particular I’m stunned at how realistic some of the paintings are, how soft some of the drawings are, and how emotional the poetry is.

From dreams that inspire personal realizations, to goddesses that grow kingdoms and dynasties, there’s a lot meaningful art for you to discover this issue.

So let’s not waste any more time, here is our Summer issue: DISCOVERY!

Cyberrriot on!
~ Stephanie
EIC of Fembot Magazine and Cyberrrriot.

P.S. Content warnings for under age sex, blood, nudity, and sexual assault.

meet the artists Drawing from lifelong passions of mythology, fairy tales, women’s studies, and the sacred feminine the artist Cassandre Bolan showcases the beauty of strong diverse women who flaunt their hard-won confidence, their agency, and above all – break the rules. She believes that “if you can see it you can be it” and wants to create a culture that inspires women and girls.  Cassandre lives between Dubai and the US and has worked for clients such as Cartoon Network and Fantasy Flight Games, been a 2014 Illustrators of the Future award winner, and was featured in ImagineFX magazine. She loves painting book covers, trading cards, and her personal series of gender-swapped greek gods, but above all she loves writing and illustrating her own original Femythist children’s books.

Olivia Jensen is an artist and animation student in Chicago, Illinois. When she’s not struggling to improve her drawing skills, you can find her acting in short films, relaxing in coffeeshops, or wandering aimlessly trying to seek out adventures in new places. Check out more of her work on Instagram, @oliviaaj22, or Tumblr,

Karen Kaye Llamas is a disabled multidisciplinary artist with an unabashed love of nerd media and cats. She has some coloring books under her belt, including Sweet Girlfriends, which you can get on Amazon and and color on your Thanksgiving table in front of bigoted family members if you really want to grind their gears. You can see her work at

Joan McNerney’s poetry has been included in numerous literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze, Blueline, and Halcyon Days.  Three Bright Hills Press Anthologies, several Poppy Road Review Journals, and numerous Kind of A Hurricane Press Publications have accepted her work.  Her latest title is Having Lunch with the Sky and she has four Best of the Net nominations.

Marilena Ness was born and raised in Norway, after which she moved to England to study Illustration. She has continued to create her own artwork since, as well as producing comics and pins. When she gets the chance, she enjoys reading Junji Ito, playing Dragon Age: Origins or watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

As a depressed millennial in Cyprus, Christiana Nicolaides mainly writes poetry about her experiences. She has recently created a blog interviewing people sharing their depression stories to help raise awareness, minimize the stigma that surrounds mental illness and investigate what can be done to ameliorate social injustice. Writing, for her, started as a means of vocalizing her thoughts, externalizing what exists inside her head and observing it as an objective reader. It has continued to shape her life, her future goals and aspirations. Having a background in classical music has helped with her understanding of the complications in transforming one’s contemplations into art.

Ashley Parker Owens is a writer, poet, and artist living in Richmond, Kentucky.

Erica S. Qualy is a contemporary artist and musician (The Vignettes, Objectum Sexuals, FREDD VELVET) living in Memphis, Tennessee. She is best known for her paintings, photography, and very handsome cats, Mr. Mathe & Ghismo…

Piper Barrons Renegade is a traditional mediums artist and is also trained and profient in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, in which she concentrated on Graphic Design, illustration, and watercolouring. Her original art focuses mainly on beauty and pain.

Born and raised in the sunny Italy, Valeria Vigilante is currently studying Politics and Philosophy at the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom). She is passionate about writing, cinema, feminism, political journalism and human rights. Currently looking for a cure for her obsession with animal socks and flamingos.

Stephanie Watson is the EIC of Fembot and Cyberrriot, having joined the team back in 2008. Since then she’s gotten a BA in Psychology, an HNC in professional writing, and has had her journalism published over 100 times. Her end goal has always been to publish thriller and romance novels, as well as the odd poetry book or two, but in the meantime she hopes to use journalism as a foundation for spreading social change.

Joe Wilson
, otherwise known as Fishspit, spends his days on disability, spinning records, getting shock treatments and trying to stay out of the mental hospitals.

Goddess Hercules
by Cassandre Bolan

Goddess Zeus
by Cassandre Bolan
How to lift my spirits
by Olivia Jensen

after you
by Karen Kaye Llamas

Lost Dream
by Joan McNerney

I am driving up a hill
without name on an
unnumbered highway.

This road transforms into
a snake winding around
coiled on hair pin turns.

At bottom of the incline
lies a dark village strangely
hushed with secrets.

How black it is.  How difficult
to find that dream street
which I must discover.

Exactly what I will explore
is unsure.  Where I will find it
is unknown.  All is in question.

I continue to haunt gloomy
streets in this dream town
crossing dim intersections.

Everything has become a maze
where one line leads to another
dead ends become beginnings.

Deciding to abandon my search,
I return for my automobile…
nowhere to be found in shadows.

Finally I look up at the moon’s
yellow eye…my lips forming
prayers to a disinterested god.

the fox on Lake Ontario
by Joan McNerney

Walking downhill,
feet warm as dark
earth is warm, warm.
Slender girl slipping,
wrapped round by slender
dress.  Stepping pass
trees, over moss.  Hair
blown by swollen summer
wind.  Sliding through
moving pattern of sun
on leaves.
sleeves of

Walking to the grass,
through the grass,
lush, long grass,
dancing on ankle,
the girl stops
frightened by a fox!

If a fox should see me,
should be near me and
I take off my slender
dress.  O how fast
the fox will come
showing his great red
face, staring at me
with pinched nose.
O the fox, leaping
into me.  I would be
captured without my
slender dress wrapped
round my swollen breasts.

Am I Dying?
by Marilena Ness
by Marilena Ness

One Of Many
by Marilena Ness

I’m a murderer
By Christiana Nicolaides

[TRIGGER WARNING: Self Harm and Suicide Imagery]

I’m a murderer
I killed the girl I used to be.
She was ignorant,
She dreamed of a knight in a shiny armor.
She didn’t know she only needed the sword.

So I gave it to her.
She didn’t take it,
She was perplexed.
She liked the idea of being saved.

But I raised my sword and cut.
Cut her wrists
Cut her thighs
She screamed
She shouted
She swore
Until her blood formed a pool
Of empty hopes and dreams.

I laid my sword next to her.
“You belong to yourself.
Go to war for what you deserve.
You are now a warrior ready to fight.”
She got up,
Crying, but ready.
She held the sword high
And invited the wild in.
By murdering her I set her free.
Free to smash all distorted mirrors
Free to say no
Free to talk about her periods
Her farts
Her masturbating.
Free to fucking swear.
She’s holding the sword high
And letting the wild in.
By murdering her I set her free.
I killed the girl I used to be.

Puppet Battle
by Ashley Parker Owens

Ancestor in a Storm
by Ashley Parker Owens

Like Me

by Erica S. Qualy

i plucked my eyebrows
i bleached my mustache
i shaved my legs
and my armpits, too!
i brushed my teeth
and flossed
and at the end of it all
i didn’t feel much
like me


By Piper Barrons Renegade

Leave Me Alone
by Piper Barrons Renegade

My Angel
By Piper Barrons Renegade

by Valeria Vigilante

[TW: Sexual Assault]

‘Where are you going?’ Her mom screamed while Beth was halfway through the door. Beth told
her she was going to Hanna’s to play Monopoly. But she didn’t: she turned right, instead of left, at
the end of her street, to see Marcus.
They actually played Monopoly for several minutes, until he kissed her and started unzipping
her yellow-with- black-daisies dress. She worried he might ruin it, ripping it off or something. Yet,
she didn’t dare to speak. She’s nervous and sweaty while he fumbled out of his trousers.
At the end, he collapsed on her – such a cinematic cliché. It hurt, even afterwards. Her body, her
legs, her back: some Monopoly pieces mysteriously got under her pressured body. Marcus’ “I really
like you” made her almost vomit and uncomfortable. Beth was so disappointed and pissed off
because of it.

Marcus walked her home until they turn around the corner: her parents couldn’t see them
together, holding hands. They kissed. Beth was in her house within minutes, going straight to the
Washing in the hot tub, she felt her pain disappearing, from her center up to her breasts to her
shoulders, and out of her skin and breath.
She cried. She still cries sometimes. For disappointment, her misplaced expectations and
something she will never be able to name.
Her tears were quickly drying one her face when she looked at herself in the mirror.
She was only thirteen.

cover for wiseblood
by Joe Wilson

about the next issue

Are you looking for an opportunity to flex your creative skills? We encourage you to submit your creative writing for consideration to be digitally published in our seasonal arts zine, Cyberrriot.

Cyberrriot is an arts zine presented by Fembot Magazine, featuring traditional and digital art from our talented contributors. Published seasonally, each issue of Cyberrriot sticks to a memorable theme that reflects the feel of the season well.

The theme for Fall ’17 is LEARNING

What we’d love to see from you:

Written Art (e.g. poetry, short stories, flash fiction, vignettes, fictional and non-fiction monologues, fictional and non-fiction letters, scripts, extracts from novel etc.)
Visual Still Art (e.g photography, posters, drawings, collages, digital and traditional paintings, sketches, printing, clothing and technology design etc.)
Mixed media (e.g. vlogs, Instagram pictures, gifs, music, Vimeo/YouTube videos, etc.)
Conversations & Social Media (e.g. text message, Twitter replies, Tumblr blog posts, etc.)
The deadline for all zine submissions is October 30th and will be published digitally on our site November 5th.

If you wish to submit a piece of art to Fembot’s Cyberrriot, please submit your piece(s) to, along with a photo of yourself and a short third person bio, and we’ll get back to you within 3-4 business days.

We will publish a maximum of two to three peices of art per person, depending on how large our submission rate is that season, but feel free to submit as many as you’d like so we can discuss which ones would work best on the zine.

If you would like to become a creative editorial intern with Cyberrriot, then please email us with five art ideas for the current theme, your resume, and 2 examples of your previous work (that can include unpublished art as well as published).

For more information please visit our rulesand guidelines.