It took me a long time to officially give up on the night of the 2016 election. Perhaps it was because I had so much on the line. As a trans and gay social studies teacher to a diverse student body, I not only worried about my future in the United States, but for the safety of my sophomores.

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Donnie Martino


  • If You Have OCD, This Free App Can Help

    It can be difficult to find mental health apps that are free, intuitive, and customizable. In fact, most of them only get useful when you give in and buy the premium versions. Honestly, I rely on apps for the majority of my life; my daily to do lists are in app form, my grocery lists, […]

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  • INFOGRAPHIC: Where are all the women in engineering?

    It’s no secret that the engineering industry in the UK is mostly made up of male workers, but is this the same throughout Europe? How do engineering workforces compare in other European countries? Throughout the whole of Europe, the UK currently has the lowest number of women working in engineering; only 8.7 percent of the […]

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  • 15 Intersectional Feminist Thrillers to Marathon This Halloween

    Co-Written by Alissa Medina and Stephanie Watson Let’s face it, unless you are male, able-bodied, cishet, or white, film directors love to make you into a horror trope. Horror movies build upon our anxieties and fears, and so every so often, films touch upon cringe-worthy shock stories of the feminine, non-binary, non-white, or disabled. By […]

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