Change is simultaneously one of the most difficult and the most wonderful parts of being alive. Whether it brings endings or new beginnings, change is inescapable.

Fembot itself has gone through so many changes since its inception, and every change has brought us one step closer to becoming the site we always wanted to be. Every change we’ve made has also brought us a lot closer to you, dear readers, and we can’t wait to share new art and journalism with you this 2018.

Speaking of art, this theme has brought us countless beautiful pieces that we’re ridiculously proud of. Each artist has done their utmost to capture the theme in their art, and each brushstroke and word is highly emotional.

From poetry about love and loss, to embroidery that reflects social issues, we hope you enjoy each piece as much as we do.

Cyberrriot on!
~ Stephanie, EIC

Digital formatting by Alissa Medina, Graphic Design by Stephanie Watson, PR by Olivia Jensen and Marilena Ness.

  • About the Next Issue

    Are you looking for an opportunity to flex your creative skills? We encourage you to submit your creative writing for consideration to be digitally published in our seasonal arts zine, Cyberrriot. Cyberrriot is an arts zine presented by Fembot Magazine, featuring traditional and digital art from our talented contributors. Published seasonally, each issue of Cyberrriot […]

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